Brenda Kay's

303 South First Street
Easley< South Carolina 29640
We have some changes to share with you.
Beginning June 26th, 2009,
 Brenda Kay's will no longer be doing events and private parties.You all know that I have recently completed my Masters in Mental Health Counseling. As I shared with you earlier my actual graduation date was March 7th, 2009. Since the completion of my internship I have been doing private events and studying for my board exam.
And now it is time to take that last step and hang up my restaurant hat.
Twelve years ago I had the privelege of being able to create my own small business. I was green and jumped in with much enthusiasm. I could fill a book with all the lessons I have learned; most of them about life and people. And of course there are all the fun lessons like how to unstop toilets, get birds out of the kitchen when they come down the chimney during lunch, go on the roof and clean out gutters, repair leaks from places I did not know could leak, etc. And I must not forget the spring ground hogs took up residence under the restaurant and destroyed all the plumbing! I can see all of you who own businesses smiling right now. And sometimes I even had time to cook for all of you!
Brenda Kay's has been a blessing for me. So many of you have shared your most special memories here and many more have shared your heartfelt stories with us.
I want to say thank you for all the memories, thank you for all the prayers and support. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives. Because of you all, my life will never be the same. I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life, finding a place of service working with women in need of support.
My actual graduation ceremony will be Sat. June 27th 2009 at the Carolina First Center in Greenville at 12:00 noon. Some of you have expressed an interest in coming. So if you would like to come please do!
On a personal note:
We never know where life will take us. But I have learned that when you are in your darkest time, when your life as you know it changes so drastically that you know it will never be the same again...God works...through people, from heart to heart. And we struggle, and we cry, and we grow... and we change. And God is faithful. And we heal...and yes we smile again, and we laugh again. And life is a blessing!
Thank you all so much!
You can still keep in touch because I am still here. I can still do muffins for you!
Much love to all of you,
I will miss you!!!!
Brenda Kay