Touchstone Indian Hand Crafted Magnet Healing Copper Bracelet Chakra Jewelry Cuff Gift Women Men. Set of 3 Price: $17.99 (as of 25/09/2022 06:18 PST- Details)

Touchstone Copper magnetic healing bracelet Tibetan style. Hand forged with solid and high gauge pure copper. Set of 3 different designs with 3 metal shades Beautiful design and attention to detail. Handcrafted by rural artisans in India with techniques inherited through generations.Thick and sturdy. Lasts a lifetime. 3 different traditional designs of copper inlaid with Brass.
Copper has anti germ properties. Traditionally used to promote healing and relieve pain in joint related inflammation, arthritis and swelling.
Uncoated and with magnets for maximum benefits. Wear it touching your skin. Easily adjustable to fit most wrist sizes for men and women.

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